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Diligent, Responsive, Sincere. Amicus Funding might be just the solution you were looking for. Our team has developed a reputation for being among the best in the business at getting  you what you need, and fast! The form of funding we offer allows our clients to get an advance of needed funds without personal liability – even without credit checks  or income verification of any kind. We can provide funding solutions that allow personal injury attorneys to focus on what they do best – winning your case. Our application process is fast (same day!), easy, and at the lowest possible associated cost to our clients. Fill out our application today – help is on the way, and it will be easier than you think!

Quick approval

All applications are processed the same day they’re received. Yes, you could be approved for funds today.

Get Your Funds Fast

In most cases, clients receive their funds within 24 hours. Our team works hard to get you funds as soon as physically possible!

Repay With Less Cost to You

Amicus’ associated costs are always among the lowest in the industry. You won’t beat our price or our customer service.


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 Why Us?

Pre-Settlement Funding

Amicus Funding provides cash advances and medical funding to every-day people who have been injured in accidents so they can pay their bills and/or get needed medical treatment while giving their attorney time to get them a fair settlement. We believe that no person should have to choose between taking to a lesser settlement over waiting for a fair settlement because they need money to pay for essential needs and medical care.

Medical Funding

Amicus Funding provides funding for life needs as well as for medical treatment, which is something that sets us apart from other companies. We provide funding from $500 to $500,000 depending on our clients’ needs. We’ll be here for you every step of the way, and we are always reachable on the phone to answer your questions.

Lowest Costs Around

Amicus’ associated costs are always among the lowest in the industry. Shop around and see for yourself!


Our Agreement and the obligation to pay is speculative, and contingent upon the successful resolution of the litigation. Amicus Funding is taking a high risk funding an Advance on a case. With this being said, there is a premium charged in doing so and a Plaintiff should not accept Funding if they have any other alternative to meet their immediate economic needs. However, Amicus Funding will be paid only from the Proceeds of the lawsuit, and agrees not to seek money from the Plaintiff directly in the event the lawsuit is not successful. IF THERE IS NO RECOVERY OF PROCEEDS BY THE CLIENT, THEN AMICUS FUNDING SHALL RECEIVE NOTHING AND THERE IS NO ASSOCIATED OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNTS ADVANCED.