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Amicus Funding is Georgia’s Local Legal Settlement Funder.

Amicus Funding is dedicated to providing quick and, in most cases, same day settlement advances when you need money the most. Amicus Funding understands the financial strain that accompanies your life being turned upside down by a car accident, slip-and-fall, work-related injury, etc.

When you need money to pay bills that have gotten behind because of your injuries, Amicus Funding is here. When you need funding to take care of your family while you’re out of work, Amicus Funding is here. When you need funding to make things less stressful until your case settles, Amicus Funding is here.

By being a local Georgia company, Amicus Funding knows what makes your personal injury or workers’compensation case valuable. Through its familiarity with Georgia law, Amicus Funding can make a nearly immediate decision on whether your case is eligible for funding. This means Amicus Funding can provide the most efficient approval process around as well as provide larger advances which adequately reflect the true value of your case.

To find out whether your case is eligible for a settlement advance, please contact Amicus Funding at: 844 – 500 – FUND